Move over AVB. 8-year-old secures interview for Doncaster Rovers manager job

Posted by - January 18, 2013 - League One, Oddballs, Transfer News and Gossip

Forget about that bald bloke heading to the Bundesliga, the only managerial development of significant note this week belongs to Doncaster Rovers. After Dean Saunders skipped off to coach Wolves a couple of weeks back, it appears that the League One side are targeting a much younger manager for the hot-seat. Much, much younger.

Yes, in a story that will warm – nay boil – your cockles, eight-year-old Mac Wilson has been invited for an interview for the post after he sent in a persuasive and brilliantly ambitious application bid.

Speaking on the remarkable approach, Mac’s dad said: “We sent the email off as a bit of fun, then the phone rang! I answered it and couldn’t believe it when John said he was getting in touch with Mac about the manager’s job.

“I put Mac on and he thought it was a wind-up, convinced his older brother was playing a trick on him. He went a bit shy but Mr Ryan was obviously very impressed and said he wanted him to come in for interview.”

As much as it sounds like a right royal wind-up, the sentiment is pretty much fact. Rovers chairman John Ryan will give the colossal Donny supporter the chance to meet the whole team and be the guest of honour at a match before getting an ‘official’ interview.

It’ll will a tricky task for young Mac, especially given that the role has just been given to Wales under 21 manager Brian Flynn – but hopefully there’s still time to reverse the decision!

Explaining why he responded to the email application, Ryan said: “Mac actually put in his letter that he will get us in the Premier League in three years – I thought that was a very positive statement.

“I was a mad Rovers fan when I was eight and would have loved it if the chairman back then, whoever it was, had contacted me – I would have been in awe. It’s nice when you do things like that because people do remember.”

Bravo Mr Ryan and good luck Mac!


Image: LIGC -NLW