Neymar invents a new skill – video

Posted by - January 24, 2013 - Football videos, South America

Neymar’s new skill is right at the start of this video, but if you wait a while you get a full replay of exactly how he bamboozles his opposite number. As a high ball is played to the Brazilian, he deliberately miscontrols the ball with the sole of his boot, bouncing it over the head of the defender. All he then has to do is run around and collect.

The problem is, to get to the replay you have to watch the rest of the video. And that tells you that Neymar would surely be frustrating to play with, trying an outrageous skill on the touchline that simply goes out for a throw in.

He also annoys a defender by standing with his hands on his hips, mocking the player before spinning away. Perhaps it is best that he stays in Brazil for a while, because in Italy, Spain or England there will be a full back or two ready to break those skillful legs if they feel that thay are being taunted.

  • Boohoo

    Reminds me, somewhat unfortunately, of Prince Nazeem.