Oh man! Omani cameraman produces an unbelievable bit of skill

Posted by - January 2, 2013 - Asia, Football videos, Golazo

This might just be the greatest ever skill performed at football match by an individual not actually at the ground to play.

The scene was Oman, during a match in which Salalah beat Sur on penalties in the Sultan Qaboos Cup, but from such inauspicious beginnings comes a skill of world class quality.

With the ball hoofed down the line and out of play, a cameraman nonchenantly lets the ball drop over his head before flicking the ball with his backheel, almost without even taking his gaze away from the lens.

It’s impressive enough to make contact, but the flick actually takes the ball directly into the hands of the player who wishes to take the throw in.


Spotted on 101GG with suitable kudos awarded to @mahero21