Sick Liverpool fan gets ‘Munich 58’ tattoo

Posted by - January 17, 2013 - Liverpool, Manchester United, Twitter

You really can’t account for the stupidity, crassness and downright disgusting nature of some football fans can you?

There is something of a witch hunt on for a Liverpool fan who decided that the appropriate way to deal with defeat to Manchester United on Sunday was to get a tattoo on his bum with the words ‘Munich 58’.

The tweet was sent from an account belonging to @paul_LFC5, but that doesn’t really matter so much as the account has since been deleted.

Quite why you would want a permanent memento of a plane crash which killed 23 people is beyond me, but I’d assume it is beyond every decent human being going.

  • ste

    ASHAMED!! Sorry to all utd fans,are Liverpool fan

  • ste

    ASHAMED sorry Utd fans,Ste Liverpool fan

  • Ken Scott

    thats one idiot you not saying about the thousands of united fans with there sick chants yes thousands not one,you always get the sad idiot not thousands and you pick up on this you not got the balls to cover how bad the police have been or about the media not doing a story on it,as suarez said man u run the media