Sir Alex Ferguson drops the f-bomb during charades game with Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney and Ryan Giggs

Posted by - January 21, 2013 - Manchester United

Sir Alex has proved that a blast of the hairdryer treatment doesn’t always stay within the confines of the dressing room (and the eardrums of linesmen at White Hart Lane).

Featuring as a guest on a quiz on the MUTV channel, the Manchester United legend was tasked with communicating ‘Maradona Hand of God’ through the power of charade… and it didn’t go too smoothly.

Despite a flurry of clues – comprising of poorly coordinated hand gestures reminiscent of goal celebrations – Fergie’s team-mayes took their sweet time groping around for an answer.

When they finally get it, the exasperated Knight of the Realm swears in bemused frustration, followed by a giggling plea to the producers to cut his misdemeanour (sadly bleeped).

Best of all, like a set of back-row school boys, the opposing team comprising Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs and Jonny Evans are left in chortling fits – all enjoying their boss making a clown of himself and showing what great affection they have for him to boot.

Talking of ‘to boot’ – this isn’t the first time an MUTV quiz has gone a little sour for the Manchester United chief: