The #horsemeat XI

Posted by - January 16, 2013 - Lists

With a little help from our Twitter friends, here’s a Tesco-sponsored team who’d win the league at a canter.

1. Gianlugeegee Buffon

2. Filly-p Neighville

3. Frank Gallop

4. Robert Hoof

5. Pony Adams

6. Frankelampard

7. Stallion Petrov

8. Patrick Berger

9. Mick-Equine

10. Geoff Horsfield

11. Neighmar

Subs: Foalcow, Phil Gee, Jim Dobbin, Robbie Foaler, Frank Stableton

Thanks to: @_DanMason, @Tim_Sanders, @ConorMcC94, @mjefford, @IainGreen, @Cianirvine