Top 10 conclusions: Premier League weekend, 19-20 January

Posted by - January 21, 2013 - Conclusions, Lists, Premier League

1. A Fergie never forgets. Make a mistake running the line once and it stays on your record for life.

2. No wonder Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea looked uncomfortable yesterday. He hates white things falling from the sky.

3. Even with Roman Abramovich’s millions you can’t justify throwing out a perfectly good coat.

4. Brian McDermott was the bravest baldy on Tyneside on Saturday. Newcastle’s cold enough at the best of time, never mind in the snow, but the Reading boss kept his hairless head out in the open.

5. It’s a good job Loic Remy scored on his debut against West Ham. Up until that point, QPR fans probably thought their big-money new striker didn’t know the offside rule.

6. Luis Suarez hates Norwich. Hates ’em.

7. Daniel Sturridge is the best thing that’s ever happened to Luis Suarez. He scores his share of goals and it’s great for him to have a new black BFF.

8. Bentekkers are back. The Aston Villa striker scored a ‘FIFA’ goal against West Brom.

9. West Ham have perfected the Cole Goal Machine. In the design stage they probably envisaged Joe setting them up for Carlton rather than the other way round, but they won’t be picky.

10. The European champions could probably get used to winning the odd game at home.