Video: Dietmar Hamann reveals he’s cleared the air with Joey Barton, refuses to unfollow him

Posted by - January 21, 2013 - Twitter!

If you thought the end of last week was all about Lance Armstrong’s warts ‘n’ all confession to Oprah, you would be wrong – for this side of the Atlantic there was a one-on-one interview with someone equally forlorn and desperate for people to hear his side of the story.

We’re talking about Dietmar Hamann who spoke to the BBC at length to discuss his fall-out and eventual reconciliation with Joey Barton.

The two former team-mates locked horns on Twitter last week, with Joey Barton driving the spat off the road of QPR transfer debate and into the brambly terrain of personal insults, calling Hamann a ‘maggot’ among other things before suggesting that the German had partaken in drugs and shamed his family.

In the interview – set in a room which looks perfect for an Edwardian period drama – the Liverpool legend spoke mostly about the dangers of letting loose on the social network and his desire to let bygones be bygones.

Asked whether he would unfollow Barton, Hamann said: “No, I still follow him. Joey is a very bright boy and sometimes things get a little out of hand with him. He got himself in a few scraps over the years. Hopefully at some stage he puts that all behind him because he is a very talented footballer.”

All’s well that end’s well, eh? With Joey also apologising via a statement on his official website, the whole thing appears to have been gently put to bed like a snoozy toddler.

Both parties seem particular adept at stringing a sensible sentence together outside of a non-140 character environment. Maybe, just maybe it would be best for them to lead by Gary Lineker’s example.