Diego Maradona ponders how his son, Lionel Messi’s son and Sergio Aguero’s son will play together for Argentina

Posted by - February 20, 2013 - Oddballs, South America

In England, we’ve spent the last decade wondering whether Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard can play together for the national team. Perhaps the real problem was a lack of forward planning.

Take Argentina, for instance, where Diego Maradona is already sparking tactical debate about how his newborn son, Diego Fernando, might fit into a national team that would also theoretically include Thiago Messi, Lionel’s three-month old baby, and Benjamin Aguero, the four-year-old who’s Sergio’s son and Diego’s grandson.

Maradona told a Dubai radio station: “One of them will have to play as a midfielder. I think Thiago (Messi) will command the others. Benjamin (Aguero) will play as a forward and Thiago will play alongside Dieguito Fernando.”

That’s settled then. Let’s home Thiago spends a lot of time at Uncle Xavi’s house to see how it’s done!