GIF It: Liverpool striker Luis Suarez stamps on Zenit St Petersburg’s Tomas Hubocan

Posted by - February 22, 2013 - Europa League, GIF It, Liverpool

Luis Suarez was instrumental in Liverpool’s valiant attempts at a Europa League comeback against Zenit St Petersburg – but again found the time to blot his copybook before the end of the match.

The Uruguayan appeared to stamp on Tomas Hubocan’s back in what looked like an entirely avoidable incident in the closing stages of last night’s 3-1 victory. The result meant the Reds went out on away goals having at one stage been 0-3 down on aggregate.

The ridiculous stamp – which went unpunished by the match officials – followed a sublime performance from Suarez, not least this incredible free-kick which kickstarted Liverpool’s comeback effort.

  • Aaron Miller

    Total BS. The defender fell quickly to ground and Suarez had a fraction of a second to hop over him. You can also see clearly that Suarez barely had time to regain his balance before the defender when to ground (easily, it has to be said) so to expect him to suddenly turn into a long-jumper is patently ridiculous. He stepped on the defender, he didn’t deliberately “stamp” him. Get a grip.

  • Kitty

    Oh c’mon… It’s a stamp, obviously. You don’t need to play / have played the game to know it was avoidable.
    Love him, but hate his antics. Totally unnecessary!
    LFC supporter here btw.

  • Aaron Miller

    You’re way off base here. LOOK AT THE VIDEO!!! Suarez stumbles, then the defender falls down, Suarez regains his balance and has exactly ONE step to adjust. Different angles show that his right boot is actually pinned by the defenders left leg, so in that one step he couldn’t even hop high enough to clear the defender because of the contact with his right foot. Also, have a look at how his foot lands on the back. Suarez is clearly trying to glide rather than step over the player. A stamp is just that, stamping the foot down with force. There was nothing of that in this play.

  • Stuart Aitken

    Aaron think you may be wrong here. Suarez cleary sees the chance to stamp on the guy and does so. He moves his leg slighty to the side to give him the chance make the stamp.