Huddersfield Town’s odd half-time entertainment against Wigan

Posted by - February 19, 2013 - FA Cup, Oddballs, Wigan Athletic

There’s nothing quite as queer as folk, and this is the weirdest half-time entertainment I’ve ever seen.

Huddersfield Town exhibit themselves as a small-time club by holding a weird competition at half-time in their 4-1 FA Cup defeat to Wigan. Essentially, a fat man spins around a broom to get dizzy before taking a penalty against a mascot in a small goal.

If that wasn’t enough, the fat lad then decides to pick up the broom and chase after the pitch announcer.

Would it be unfair to say all very Northern?

  • Embarrassed_for_you

    I think the clue is in the title: half-time ‘entertainment’.

    As for ‘Huddersfield Town exhibit themselves as a small-time club’, well now you’re just embarrassing yourself.

  • Town Fan

    Small-time club are you for real?? A Wigan fan calling Huddersfield small time? I’ve seen it all now. You can’t even sell out for the likes of Utd and City (even with 5K plus of their fans in your home end). Wigan are proverbial tin-pot club who will go the way of Blackburn once your Sugar Daddy leaves!