Ipswich Town’s Michael Chopra quits Twitter in style

Posted by - February 8, 2013 - Championship, Ranting and Raving, Twitter

Michael Chopra doesn’t do things by halves. Some people just go to a racecourse to have a little flutter on the nags, whilst Chopra went into a spiral of debt of £2million and had to borrow £250,000 from Ipswich.

Just last month, Chopra stated:

I have extensive debts and loans and simply cannot afford the amount of money necessary to clear my name, with no prospects of ever recovering my costs.

As of this year, I’ve voluntarily self-excluded myself from all betting institutions where I live in Ipswich in order to help me fight this illness. For the above reasons, I have decided not to present myself to the BHA inquiry.

Because of such matters, Chopra clearly got a fair deal of grief on Twitter, and he quit the social media site in blazing glory with the following tweet:

Keep tweeting me about being in debt haha love it #cash #skint #lol #lendmeafiver

If the photo he took is recent, Ipswich will want their bloody money back!

  • slim.charles