Kitman – Arsenal’s new away kit for 2013/14

Posted by - February 14, 2013 - Arsenal, Kitman

Whether or not this is a fake remains to be seen (there is a slightly polo shirt look to it and the badge looks a touch cheap), but it seems that this may be a leaked version of Arsenal’s new away shirt for next season.

2013/14 is the last season that Arsenal have with current provider Nike before switching to Adidas, and it looks as if there is little change initially, although the marron trim is a nice touch.

Arsenal do rather favour the yellow second kit, but it simply looks to us too much like a referee’s shirt. You can almost imagine Howard Webb slipping it on (or would that be a Manchester United shirt?!).


  • FAKE

    Such bollox – the badge is a total fake as is the whole shirt. You see junk like this in Camden market selling for a fiver.

  • Scott

    Assuming it’s a prototype, but I’ve always been a sucker for collars on uniforms. I’d buy this in a heartbeat even though it’ll be out of date the second they produce it thanks to the new adidas deal.