Top 10 conclusions: FA Cup weekend, 16-17 February

Posted by - February 18, 2013 - Conclusions, FA Cup, Lists

1. Blackburn have finally found a Kean capable of competing against Premier League opposition.

2. Oldham striker Matt Smith either loves the FA Cup or hates Merseyside. It’s hard to tell at this stage.

3. Smith and his Latics team-mates can be grateful that goalkeeper Dean Bouzanis failed with his attempt at a blatant handball just before Oldham’s equaliser.

4. If he’s going to go around barging people in the head, Chelsea’s David Luiz needs to grow his hair a bit longer to provide a cushion for his shoulders.

5. Frank Lampard continued his weekly campaign to humiliate the Chelsea hierarchy by breaking the club’s FA Cup goalscoring record.

6. Somebody forgot to tell the three Premier League teams playing on Sunday that the magic of the FA Cup doesn’t involve sticking four past lower league opposition.

7. Arsene Wenger’s cunning plan to spur his side into an incredible performance against Bayern Munich is going perfectly so far. He’s successfully secured the humiliating defeat to Blackburn, now he just needs his players to come out looking to retaliate on Tuesday.

8. With Wigan coasting past Huddersfield, ITV probably managed to televise a match that struggled to compete for viewers with Songs of Praise on BBC One.

9. OTP notes that Leeds United’s manager has cleverly diverted some of the “Warnock, Warnock time to go” chants from his own supporters by signing left-back Stephen Warnock to share the flak.

10. Farewell, plucky Luton Town. The FA Cup’s last remaining non-league side departed with a bit of a whimper as self-inflicted mistakes cost them against Millwall.