Video: Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s press conference meltdown

Posted by - February 19, 2013 - Arsenal, Champions League, Football videos

Arsene Wenger followed Saturday’s FA Cup defeat to Blackburn with one of the grumpiest press conferences of his 16-year tenure at Arsenal.

The Gunners boss was visibly angry during the pre-match press conference ahead of tonight’s Champions League clash with Bayern Munich. He took exception to just about any line of questioning the assembled journalists decided to throw at him.

The Frenchman seemed to be most annoyed by newspaper reports that he is on the verge of signing a two-year contract extension.

He said: “That’s the wrong information and there as well I would like, I think I have worked for sixteen years here in England and I deserve a little bit more credit than wrong information that have only one intention, is to harm and if it’s good information, who comes from nowhere, it’s all right.

“But this is the wrong information that comes from nowhere and is completely wrong.”

He also hit out at reporters for talking about the Blackburn match in the Bayern Munich press conference and for asking questions about Bayern Munich’s squad.

Longer footage of Wenger getting worked up in the video below:

  • John

    You call that a meltdown? Hahahaha