Video: Newcastle’s Danny Simpson unconscious on the floor after brawl

Posted by - February 4, 2013 - Football videos, Newcastle United

The shocking video above shows Newcastle right-back Danny Simpson bleeding and unconscious after a street brawl.

The ex-Manchester United defender was flat-out on the ground and was reportedly out cold for around 15 minutes.

The Sun reports:

The brawl kicked off early yesterday after Simpson, 26, got into a scuffle with a fellow customer queueing for food at a takeaway.

Witnesses said the Newcastle United defender hit the man, in his late 40s or 50s, knocking him to the ground. Simpson then left and climbed into a taxi but was dragged out by a different man and punched. He lay bleeding and unconscious on the street for about 15 minutes until an ambulance arrived and took him to hospital.

  • Yeappppp

    Nice draging someone throw the mud then putting it on line, I feel bad that I watched this. I don’t care if he deserved this or not. I hope he’s alright. Same for the guy who he hit. That guys in a world of shame. I feel guilty for incoraging this by watching the video. I no ill be slag off but I don’t like sticking the boot in when someone is down. If anyone want to slander this comment why not start with my grammar and spelling