Aston Villa fans dress up as Christian Benteke astronauts

Posted by - March 5, 2013 - Aston Villa

Football’s sort of lost the plot, hasn’t it.

I could just about cope when celebrations moved on from handshakes to the Robbie Keane forward roll. I buried my head in the sand when moronic 21-year-old footballers released best-selling autobiographies. But not this.

Last night, during Aston Villa v Manchester City, the cameras panned to the crowd. There, apparently unaware of their sheer inadequacy in life, sat two Villa fans in full astronaut costumes. If that wasn’t bad enough, they also held up poster that read: “Benteke is out of this world”.

Can we all get a f*cking grip on reality?

  • chef camilli

    stop hating!! villa and astronauts are kool

  • dog

    not fans. Advertisers. Says Lynx on shoulder of spacesuit & lynx deoderant runnin trip to space ads.