Brazil to install double seats at 2014 World Cup for fat people

Posted by - March 2, 2013 - South America, World Cup

Brazil have announced that they will be installing a number of double seats in the stadia for the World Cup next year, in an effort to allow fat people to attend games.

Authorities have announced that disability laws in the country mean that they will be forced to inclube the ‘fatty’ seats in their designs, which are reinforced and cater for individuals of up to 40 stone. 40 stone, that’s quite a lot… for a land mammal.

Thankfully, Brazil’s football federation is able to do what plane companies are yet to do. Given that the seats are double the size, they are also double the price.

So there you go, sack off the diet and get the beers out of the fridge, because there will always be a seat for you!

Image: Malingering