Former Arsenal and Manchester United defender Mikael Silvestre has still got it

Posted by - March 5, 2013 - Arsenal, Manchester United, MLS & US

Arsenal have received a lot of mocking recently for the amount of trophies players have won since they left the club, so after a derby defeat to Spurs they will be happy that one of their former flames had an absolutely woeful debut.

Silvestre, 35, recently joined Portland Timbers for the new MLS season, and his debut can only be labelled as Woodgate-esque.

After ten minutes he played a woeful backpass to goalkeeper Donavan Ricketts, which allowed Fabien Espindola to nip in and take the lead.

Fifteen minutes later, a long ball was played upfield, and Silvestre allowed the ball to bounce. Espindola was again the beneficiary.

Five minutes later and it was number three, as the French defender failed to cut out a cross, and Jamison Olave was able to pounce.

Oh dear Mikael. Still, only one way from here.