Former footballer Curtis Woodhouse tracks down Twitter troll

Posted by - March 12, 2013 - Twitter

When footballer Curtis Woodhouse retired from the game to become a professional boxer, he presumably hoped that he would be taking on the best fighters in the world one day.

However, insteasd it seems that he will get more notoriety for a potential fight with a lad on Twitter who gave him dogs abuse for losing his latest fight.

Woodhouse offered a £1,000 reward for anyone that told him the whereabouts of @Jimmyob88 and soon narrowed down the troll to a location in Sheffield.

Woodhouse then kept everyone on Twitter entertained by live tweeting from his mission to meet his abuser, who soon changed his tune and offered a series of grovelling apologies.

Whilst we can’t condone vigilante missions, at least Woodhouse went home before any fight, and later tweeted an amusing reposte:

‘Just found out you can block people. Could have let me know earlier, I could have saved 20 quid in petrol.’

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