GIF It – Rangers striker Lee McCulloch’s ridiculous dive

Posted by - March 24, 2013 - GIF It, Scotland

After a poor run in a league in which they should be winning every single game, Rangers had their chance to show off to the watching public that they still had quality within their ranks. There was no Premier League or Championship football, and Sky’s live League One game had been postponed due to the weather. All eyes turned to Ibrox.

Rangers fell up woefully (and almost impressively) short. They limped to a 0-0 result against Stirling, but the scoreline was not the most embarrassing thing.

For that, take a bow Lee McCulloch, who is shown in the GIF above running into the box at a corner before barely bumping into a Stirling defender. The way in which the Scottish international hits the deck is completely laughable, and the opposition defenders simply point at McCulloch in outrage.

Poor show all round.

  • Hegesippus

    Defender starts towards the goal then changes direction to block McCulloch.
    Thanks for the gif which shows this clearly.
    At first it looked strange, but no, a direct impeding of McCulloch’s run.

  • Scotmod

    What a div you are! He was blatantly looking for a penalty. My 5 year old granddaughter wouldn’t have fallen like she was poleaxed at that incident. Still cheating even in the fourth tier, what a shower.

  • Stewart

    Yeah defo a penalty. Thanks for posting this you total ….

  • Blue Al


  • dave

    old habits die hard, but die they do, just like his old club.

  • LearnTheRules

    ‘Div’ haha stones and glass houses chief you cant win a penalty for an incident like that, the ball wasn’t in play, learn the rules

  • No…Huns

    Haha what a cheating fud …. Shite at football shite at cheating

  • Roger Mellie

    What a fucking redneck !

  • Sam Dunbar

    maybe if you morons watch carefully instead of making your stupid buckfast filled remarks youll see he was actually blocked wether it was worth a penalty who knows but i bet you be screaming for it eh

  • Sam Dunbar

    go home ya fanny its over

  • Sam Dunbar

    no mate we live on so get used to it 54 and counting

  • Sam Dunbar

    huns ???? im no german mate

  • WATP

    If you play the video at normal speed you will clearly see that McCulloch was impeded by the defender and the only thing laughable is that Daniel can’t see it, I wonder why ? The name gives it away me thinks

  • dave

    you have no mates…..RIP RFC…..even James Traynor told you the truth…and sevco is going the same way…….byeeeee.

  • dave

    daniel was craig thomson ya balloon…..

  • WATP

    Sorry to burst your balloon dave but if you can read you will clearly see this was posted by Daniel storey

  • almera

    mcculloch should be rearing swimming trunks if he wants to dive,its silly without water.

  • James Waddell

    im a rangers fan but i dont see how we can have a penalty if the ball is not in play…. stop feeding the trolls…. yous are making us look stupid