Arsenal fan receives insurance payout over Gareth Bale’s derby goal for Tottenham

Posted by - April 18, 2013 - Arsenal, Oddballs, Tottenham

A Norwegian Arsenal fan has received compensation after dislocating his shoulder when Spurs took the lead in last month’s north London derby.

Sverre Litleskare popped his shoulder out of it socket when he raised his right arm too quickly in his attempt to show his disgust at Gareth Bale’s opener.

While watching the match with his Spurs-supporting neighbour, Litleskare shouted “No, goddamn” and thrust his arm into the air when Tottenham took the lead.

He then began punching the floor as part of his routine of frustration, at which point he noticed the damage to his shoulder.

He said: “I was screaming on the floor and he sat on the couch and laughed. I shouted that I was nauseous, had to vomit and that my shoulder was dislocated. While he got a bucket, I pulled the shoulder back in place.”

Litelskare set about putting in an insurance claim for his “football injury”. He successfully argued that the injury was not self-inflicted, but the result of “feelings” that were not within his control. He said the dislocation was not caused by his own free will.

He added: “I know it was a silly complaint but I emphasized the free will aspect. I just read a book that argues against free will, so I decided that I would do it for fun.”

The letter was an appeal against the insurance company’s decision to reject his initial claim. The insurers described the letter as “stunning” and agreed to the payout!

We suspect the insurer smelt a PR opportunity and wouldn’t suggest you try this argument on your own insurance company.

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