Brazil releases version of the vuvuzela for 2014 World Cup

Posted by - April 25, 2013 - World Cup

I think we all remember the most annoying aspect of the 2010 World Cup, the infuriating sound of 1,000 vuvuzela’s being blown which sounded like an infinite number of wasps reacting to being forcibly penetrated.

Well, in their infinite lack of wisdom, the organisers of the 2014 World Cup have decided to create their own toy that produces a horrific sound.

No less than the Brazilian president explains further:

“That image of the green and yellow caxirola and the fact that we are talking about a ‘green’ plastic in a country that leads in sustainability in the world.”

“And at the same time it is an object that has the ability to do two things, to combine the image with the sound and take us to our goals.”

That all sounds like a load of unmanageable guff to us, and the fact that the caxirola will produce a rattling sound is going to get ridiculously annoying at the end of a three week tournament.