GIF It: David De Gea gets taken out by a surface-to-air Andy Carroll (West Ham 2-2 Manchester United)

Posted by - April 18, 2013 - GIF It, Manchester United, West Ham

David De Gea might have built a bit of a reputation for being uncomfortable with high balls flying towards him, but there isn’t a goalkeeper in the land who could cope with a high Andy Carroll flying towards him.

The Manchester United keeper dealt with this particular cross without any problems… until West Ham striker Carroll decided to provide an action replay of how he would have headed the ball if De Gea hadn’t already punched it.

The 6ft 4in Geordie launched himself at De Gea, unsurprisingly flattening the Spaniard.


  • will

    So the fact that the angle of his run was completely changed by the shove in the back by Vidic has not been mentioned in the press? Andy Carroll nor De Gea where anywhere near the ball when the collision happened as Carroll’s run started off going to the ball and ended up at De Gea well under it. Vidic was the cause of this not Carroll.

  • Anonymous

    Carroll didn’t seem to think so in his interview. He said it was his momentum.

  • Ignitor

    De Gea was a target, Westham made this clear from the start. Team of hooligans!

  • will

    Watch the footage!! Carroll was to intent on going for it and with the the tussling in the box that goes on contact is always there so he probably did’nt realise it was a shove in the back but he clearly changes direction after a shove from Vidic.

  • vinnynice

    Seems a pretty blatant push by Vidic