GIF It: Gormless Nemanja Vidic (West Ham vs Manchester United)

Posted by - April 17, 2013 - GIF It, Manchester United

Manchester United captain Nemanja Vidic was in a world of his own in the tunnel ahead of this evening’s match against West Ham United.

He stood smiling at nothing in particularly for an unsettling length of time.

  • RedScot

    Ohhh Shut up you old tart – troll nosey Parker.

    Do you have ‘Gif ‘ of Valencias tap in forthe equaliser? :)

  • Redscot

    Hi mate long time no see ‘ joking of course as normal ; Big Nemanja Vidi might have been thinking about his retirement from our club. He recely was intervewed ‘ Haveyou started to thin about retirement? Will you play on for as long as possble or go out at the top?
    ” I dont think i’ll play for as long as possibly I can . I’lll play for as long as I feel fit and as long asI feel i can make an impact. If I believe I can still help help the team andI feel part of the team then I’ll keep playing.
    Don’t forget Rob if we had, had the Serbian rock last season, out for most of season only payed 10 games in total, the 20th would be in the bag already.
    Anyhow I take the point he was day dreaming, like all Fans ; 7 points thats all.
    Be lucky Rob Parker : Blows a kiss in the ‘ Sky’ catch it if you can. lolz