Video: Slurring Arsenal benchwarmer Andrey Arshavin tries to pick a fight

Posted by - April 17, 2013 - Arsenal, Football videos

Andrey Arshavin’s time at Arsenal has generally been a bit of an embarrassment – but this might be a new low.

Footage has emerged of a drunk-looking Arshavin staggering around outside a London nightclub, seemingly trying to pick a fight.

It appears Arshavin wants to get back into the club to track down a fellow reveller who has managed to cross the Russian in some way. The video starts with the ex-Zenit St Petersburg man being held back by a friend and swearing in Russian.

Arshavin appears intent on having a row with the bouncer who refuses to let him back into the nightspot, before grappling with a friend who tries to move him away from the doormen.

Arguably, the most action he’s seen all season.

Via 101GG