Beer-soaked Franck Ribery vows never to talk to Bayern Munich team-mate Jerome Boateng again

Posted by - May 14, 2013 - Football videos, Germany

Bayern Munich star Franck Ribery says he will never talk to team-mate Jerome Boateng again after the Germany international soaked him with beer during the club’s title celebrations.

The devout Muslim took Boateng’s actions to heart, believing he should have known the soaking would not sit well with Ribery’s religious beliefs.

You can knock Boateng’s tact and cultural awareness, but not his persistence. The video above shows just how determined he was to drench Ribery.

After succumbing, Ribery said: “I won’t talk to Boateng again, he knows that I’m Muslim. I’m p***** off.”

In totally unrelated news to one of Bayern’s top players openly admitting he feels annoyed at the lack of respect for his faith, the German giants have announced that they will be building a mosque at the Allianz Arena for their Muslim players to pray before and after matches.

  • ktz

    so its ok to **** underage prostitutes but in the midst of celebrations have a lil beer over you that’s the wrong thing is it?


    It probably isn’t true, but if it is, he’s as stupid as Papa Cisse 🙂

  • Gunner

    It’s shame and waiste of time to try and explain what faith means to one so jog on.

  • Dr. Gonzo

    Faith means underage prostitution is OK in Islam (hint: it does not)

  • Pierre Sternegård

    Muhammed drank.. but most and certainly Ribery don’t know. If they did know more they would probably not have converted

  • Pierre Sternegård

    Everytime during the 5 prayers a day a muslim pray not to become like the Jews and Christians.What kind of tolerance is that by a club to create a space where some players go and pray not to become like their team mates.. This clearly shows the intolerance and discrimination in Islam.

  • Ahmed

    No!prophet Muhammad didn’t drunk!have some respect!
    go and read his history instead of just talking nonsense or
    what you don’t know!!

  • Pierre Sternegård

    Muhammed drank.. the only reason he didn’t want the people around him to drink was that he was afraid of Hamza when he got drunk, so he decided it was best they didn’t drink.. He often drank, Check your own sources.

  • faisal

    Pierre you are one foolish person i am not gonna attack your what you belief, but its clear that you are worst than animal.

  • DirtyVegas13

    That is a super non attack. Well done on that.

    Worse than an animal? that is your judgement? You are human, judgement is not in your remit; be it in personality or faith, you are not wise enough to judge.

    I have no God, yet I am humble enough to see that for such a petty argument you are willing to cross the guidance of your faith. I hope you can do better in the future. I wish you well.

  • mohammad umai

    Utter non-sense. You are attributing a lie to GOD’s prophet. You seem to have no shame doing that. All of GOD;s messengers and prophets were innocent human souls. Stop attacking their character.

    You really seems to have grown up on media diet. Didnt you?

  • Longrod Von Heujendong

    i always wanted an imaginary friend, but i fear im now a bit old. do you think its ok for me to have one as an adult aswell?

  • MF22

    Ribery is a stupid twat if he gets annoyed about that……just a bit of beer in celebration….get over it you dickhead

  • TalibanEnforcer

    Death to mohammed

  • rchip

    For whatever you are.. do respect other religion and beliefs. If you a drinker..its up to you but please dont judge people who didnt drink either coz of religion or have a respect to people. Nobody’s perfect and nobody’s always right.