Fail – Brazilian police order 17,000 raincoats for World Cup 2014 (which is in the dry season)

Posted by - May 7, 2013 - Fail, World Cup

It didn’t matter that none of the stadiums might be ready, because the Brazilian police had at least confirmed that their brave lads would be kept snuggly and dry during the torrential rain that would inevitably occur throughout World Cup 2014.

After all, the tournament would be taking place during the wet months of…..what? Really?! Ahhh.

The mistake was explained by Reuters news agency:

“The military police made a mistake in listing the product among those to be acquired with a view to the World Cup which will be held in the dry season,” said the Federal District government in a statement.

“Brazilian media had criticized the plans as an example of wasteful spending by authorities, pointing out that the jackets would have cost a total of 5.35 million reais (£1.67 million).

“Rainfall is very rare between May and July in Brasilia and the air humidity often drops to 30 percent.”

Clever stuff all round.