Manchester United’s players can expect to do some pre-season vomiting

Posted by - May 10, 2013 - Everton, Manchester United

David Moyes is set to make his first mark on Manchester United by implementing a gruelling pre-season boot camp.

Everton players will testify to Moyes’ tough fitness regime, including his infamous ‘Horseshoe Runs’. The intensive sprint sessions often leave players retching and barely able to stand by the time they’ve finished.

Moyes’ Toffees skipper Phil Neville, tipped to join his coaching staff at United, said: “It filled me with dread and I’ll never forget when we first did it. We’d had a poor-ish start to the season and a few lads were on international break.

“Me and Mikel Arteta came in and the gaffer said, ‘Right, horseshoe today’. Afterwards Mikel lay on the dressing-room floor and I was bent over cursing in the corner, calling him the worst manager in the league.

“His method is to push you to your limits in training and then the match is easy.

“It’s a run that sorts the men from the boys, but everyone finished it — it’s like an army boot camp. But if there was ever a time I thought, ‘I could probably shoot you today’ it was then.”

Moyes take up his new post on July 1.