Moroccan pitch invader pinches manager’s glasses

Posted by - May 30, 2013 - Africa, Oddballs

This is a quite brilliant video

Normally during a pitch invasion people rather lose their heads. Having the freedom of a football field tends to turn people drunk, leading to them running around like an idiot before eventually climbing back into the stands like a rabbit returning to its hutch even after the door had been left ajar.

Not in Morocco though. No way. Abderrazak Khairi, manager of Raja Beni Mellal, was caught up in a post-match hullabaloo which led to a number of fans taking to the field.

However, as he was being led from the field, one opportunistic fan kept a clear head whilst all others were losing theirs, taking the chance to nab the manager’s glasses that were hanging from his jacket pocket.

Fantastic pinching.

Spotted on 101GG