Newcastle fans angered as Hatem Ben Arfa dons PSG shirt

Posted by - May 1, 2013 - France, Kitman, Newcastle United

Gym members at Tyneside health club were left furious on Monday night after Hatem Ben Arfa turned up to do his workout in a PSG kit.

Just two days after the Newcastle winger came on as a sub during the 6-0 hammering at home to Liverpool, he opted for the unfortunate choice of outfit as he and two friends trained in the gym.

Magpies fans using the health club at the same time also expressed concerns that Ben Arfa seemed to have little interest in the Aston Villa vs Sunderland match, which was being shown in the gym at the time.

An onlooker told The Sun: “Ben Arfa did not look at the TV, even though Villa beating Sunderland could have a huge impact on our chances of staying up.”

The 26-year-old made no secret of his love of PSG during the January transfer window.

At the time, he said: “PSG resonates in my heart, playing there would be a beautiful gift.

“Every time I go to the Parc people ask me ‘when are you coming to PSG?’ PSG is part of me. I had posters of all the players when I was little. The Parc des Princes is 15 minutes from where I live.

“PSG is the club of my heart. If there’s an offer for me then I’ll study it with interest. If there’s an offer. The ‘if’ is important.”

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  • Keegan


  • geoff777

    I’m a Newcastle fan and have no problem if he wants to wear a PSG kit.
    He supports PSG.
    If it was a 5under1and shirt that would be different.

    Who wants to watch Mackem’s play?

    Stop stirring.

  • thetoonrme

    Season ticket holder here….he wont be a big loss in all,a few brilliant goals once or twice a season and more time off than rip van winkles bedside lamp through injury

  • toonarmy1972

    Stop stirring, are you deluded??? This post is absolutely spot on. Many reports about the dressing room having fractures, well no smoke without fire. There is your fire, whilst it may be evident that this man is a PSG fan, for goodness sake have professionalism and respect to your employers. Worst, having no interest within the match being played and turning up in attire not appropriate to his employees is entirely unprofessional and illustrates a man already mentally a PSG player. Then you have Cabaye and even possibly Debuche, such was the manner he surrendered his services on Saturday as being the focal point of the disillusioned contingent. I wouldnt doubt for one second, the problem is that these french players can easily convince one another of a problem that perhaps doesnt exist, if it were to placate them being disenfranchised with the club, then you have cliques. The common denominator to all our problems is one element, Mike Ashley. He choose to give Pardew 8 year contract which is ludicrous Has any one player defended Pardew, at all? A man who is getting slain by the press both local and national ?!! The silence is deafening So please, dont be naive when reality is striking you in the face. This concluded season absolutely smacks of 2008/2009 with our supposed big name stars looking disinterested, quiet and clearly disillusioned with the club.

  • kezman

    Sell HBA asap he is nearly as big a sicknote as Mr Owen, lets face it he would be better on someone elses treatment table than ours… bye bye

  • toon yeoman

    lol your all insane – dude is a french PSG fan! I know kids whove played at SJP for other prem teams and had their own toon tops on under their teams strips so no issue with him supporting his own club wherever and whenever he likes – no frog will tell me to take my toon top off if he values his dents