Sunderland boss Paolo Di Canio not pleased with ‘arrogant, ignorant footballers’

Posted by - May 20, 2013 - Football videos, Sunderland

It’s not a real day of the week without an entertaining Paolo Di Canio quote.

The Sunderland manager is ready to wield the axe after getting fed up of the lack of discipline among his players.

He said: “I don’t care to have argument with my players but they have to go through the rules. This is one – and then, a few others.

“If you think after Aston Villa we lost 6-1 if I’m not wrong. We gave the appointment at 4pm in the afternoon. Someone arrived at 4.20pm. I didn’t give them an appointment at 7am in the morning – I can understand you don’t sleep – at 4pm in the afternoon someone arrived.

“What sense of responsibility have they got? They live five minutes from the Academy of Light. I was waiting there in the corridor – three, four players arrived by walking. Not – I can imagine, you are late, you run, you sorry – this is what the behaviour in Premier, a club that spends millions and millions. It is not acceptable.

“I thought that at Swindon.. arrogant, ignorant footballers in some way so they don’t know exactly because they’ve not had many chances to stay at the top level. I have to tell you unfortunately I have to tell you I have found a worse environment in terms of discipline in this club.

“It’s not because I put holy god in this, I don’t know – but this is what I found in the last few weeks. So we have to change completely.”

Di Canio has also said he expects to sit down with Black Cats owner Ellis Short later today to discuss shifting some of the players who have rubbed him up the wrong way.