Video: Jose Mourinho throws paper at Real Madrid’s head of security

Posted by - May 7, 2013 - Football videos, Spain

It’s pretty obvious that Jose Mourinho is in end-of-term mode at Real Madrid.

Not only is he bulk-buying boxes and packaging material ahead of a possible move away from the Bernabeu, he’s also indulging in some childish pranks.

The Special One threw a piece of paper at Real’s head of security during the victory over Real Valladolid at the weekend. He sat back and deadpanned as the bemused official turned round to see who was bullying him.

  • acke

    So you aren´t allowed to joke if your name is José Mourinho? Please get a sense of humor and stop this childish reports.

    This is the closest you can come a piece of shit, without actually rubbing it to your own face…

    Get a life!