Peruvian manager sent off for tripping up opposing player

Posted by - June 29, 2013 - South America

It can be hugely difficult for managers to watch on from the sidelines as their teams play. They kick, head and save every ball, and in doing so get ridiculously animated.

This all emanates from the fact that they have invested a deep professional and personal investment into the fortunes of the team, but as soon as the teamtalk is made can do little to alter the final result.

However, one manager in Peru rather ignored this principle, and paid the consequences. The man in question was Gas Deportes Ayacucho coach Rolando Chilavert, who let it all get the better of him and couldn’t stop himself intervening.

Chilavert’s side were 3-2 down when Real Garcilaso forward Ivan Santillan broke clear on goal down the wing. Rather than allow the action to continue, the coach tripped up Santillan.

Unsurprisingly, he received a red card for his troubles, and thankfully karma intervened and the game finished 4-2 anyway.

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