Wolves fan tries to sell flop Jamie O’Hara on Ebay

Posted by - June 23, 2013 - League One, Transfer News and Gossip, Wolves

Oh dear Jamie O’Hara, things really aren’t looking too pretty.

After being part of Wolves’ side that endured successive relegations from the Premier League to League One, it would be fair to say that fans at the club are a little disgruntled at the player’s performance. Those feelings weren’t exactly alleviated when O’Hara came out after relegation and stated that he still believed he was a ‘Premier League player’.

The midfielder’s comments caused such vitriol in one fan’s eyes that he took to Ebay in a bid to ‘sell’ the midfielder, including a gloriously sarcastic product description:

At no point was there a lack of effort from this great player, he is after all a “Premier League Player”, that just happens to be starting training in League One by some weird twist of fate.

The thousands of fans at Wolves are all wrong, Jamie still has a lot to offer! He is at the top of his game and warrants the massive wage which you, as a buyer, will have to pay.

Overall he is a model professional that you need at your club. (As long as he is not at ours)

Probably sums up the feelings towards some of the club’s ‘star’ players pretty well.