Are we nearly there yet? The ongoing journey of Tottenham Hotspur

Posted by - July 21, 2013 - Tottenham

For all the excitement surrounding Tottenham in the last three or four years, in some aspects they’ve really not made much progress.

A go at the title in 2011/12, along with what now seems a souvenir appearance in the Champions League, is little to shout about in the long term. And when they were pipped to fourth by Arsenal on the final day of the Premier League, Spurs fans must have felt a horrible sense of deja vu.

For an improving side, the next step up is to maintain Champions League football, but the Europa League should not be dismissed. Manager Andre Villas Boas has been keen to emphasise that point.

Many talented players and teams have cut their teeth in Thursday night’s football festival, from Falcao to Fenerbache, and the tournament offers the chance for your side to accustom to the balancing act of league, cup and Europe. It is far from an easy trick.

Many will point out Spurs have yet to overtake a beleaguered Arsenal, but momentum distorts the equation. A stalling car is different to one going through the gears, Spurs have simply missed fourth on this occasion.

Despite these recent failings, they are still improving, which offers them a real selling point in the transfer window. Is it any wonder one of Brazil’s finest has chosen to go to the Lane? Paulinho is one of the better signings of the summer so far, but it’s up front that requires greater focus. Emmanuel Adebayor and Jermain Defoe cannot be considered world class.

Many of Tottenham’s goals came from wonder boy Gareth Bale, who developed an uncanny knack of scoring crucial and sensational strikes simultaneously. If he stays, fantastic for Spurs, but should he go, there will be more than crumbs of comfort for Mr Levy, with the reported price of £50-100 million.

That is big reinvestment money, and could afford a world class core to a team already in possession of a good squad.

For now though, the work is all there to do. Until Spurs find a regular seat at Europe’s top table, their progression as a club will be in question.

  • Bull O’ Brien

    couldnt be arsed reading after the “not made much progress” sentence at the start. tottenham have secured themselves in the top 5 over the last few seasons, over taken liverpool and have a squad that is better than the goons that fell short due to lack of striker last season. They have a new training facility better than anyone in the prem, they have some of the best youth prospects and proved it in elite / U21 leagues. a new stadium on the way, in bale they have the hottest prospect and a bumper pay day when they sell. They achieved all of this without the money chelski and man city have… oh and they have AVB – the man that went from being the journo joke of 2012 to the new Special One (less the arrogance)… so go shove that in your pipe and smoke it

  • S-P

    Two top 4 finishes and twice missing top 4 by one point on last day of season (once due to Fulop throwing ball into his own net three times, and once with highest ever points tally during transition year with horrible injury list).
    How is that ‘not’ progress?

  • Max

    haha, I understand your annoyance at the opening sentence, but to be fair it was a) simply a device with which to create a balanced article and b) qualified by the phrase “in some ways”. In some ways they haven’t made progess. 7 years ago they finished 5th and were apparently closing the gap on Arsenal. They’ve also only won the Carling cup in the period Arsenal have won nothing. You make some very good points though, such as the training facility and some great young players, but I think had you had the resilience to read the rest of the article, you’d see I pointed out both good and bad aspects of Spurs, a club I very much respect. Also, the new stadium is not necessarily a plus point, (see Emirates)

  • Max

    Qualified by the sentence “in some ways”. 7 years ago spurs finished 5th, as they did this season.

  • S-P

    Not really, it isn’t – no.
    You might as well say that Citeh didn’t win the league last year and ten years ago they didn’t win the league – so they haven’t progressed.
    The fact is (and that is what we are talking about, here, is that seven years ago, Spurs weren’t in a transitional season like they were last season, they didn’t have anywhere near the injury list, they hadn’t jsut lost their three most influential players into the team, and they most emphatically didn’t finish with a record points total. Finishing 4th twice and as near as damn it the other two times, with very high points totals, is significantly better than finishing 5th on a relatively low points total.
    Not to mention the other ways in which the club has made significant progress.
    Sorry, but I just do not accept that the club is on the same level they were seven years ago.