Former Liverpool keeper Diego Cavalieri ‘leaves wife’ for talking about naked photo of him taken by Hulk

Posted by - July 10, 2013 - Hard Tackle, South America

Ex-Liverpool goalkeeper Diego Cavalieri has reportedly left his wife after she spoke to the press about a naked picture of him.

The photo was uploaded to Instagram by Cavalieri’s Brazil team-mate Hulk following their Confederations Cup win. While Hulk and defender Rever posed with the trophy in the foreground, behind them Cavalieri could be seen letting it all hang out.

Although Hulk deleted the image, the damage was already done. Cavalieri, now playing for Fluminense, was not impressed by the media circus surrounding the photo.

When his model wife Daniela Carvalho fanned the flames by answering reporters’ questions about the incident, he was even less impressed. According to Brazilian newspaper O Dia, Cavalieri has walked out in response to his wife providing soundbites on the matter.

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