Is Liverpool striker Luis Suarez set for shock Arsenal transfer?

Posted by - July 4, 2013 - Arsenal, Liverpool, Transfer News and Gossip

Liverpool star Luis Suarez is rumoured to be on his way to Arsenal after bookies William Hill stopped taking bets on the deal.

A series of massive bets made in Spain on the Uruguayan moving to the Gunners forced the bookermakers to close the market, with a spokesman adding that it “would suggest they have heard something substantial”.

The deal would fly in the face of Suarez’s suggestions that the British media are his primary reason for wanting to quit Anfield. It would probably stretch to breaking point the unquestioning loyalty shown to Suarez by many Reds during his various controversies.

The £25million striker was expected to join Real Madrid this summer, so the flurry of bets from Spain pointing to Arsenal as his destination is particularly interesting.

Can you see it happening?

  • Noelie

    Get a grip… Wenger can take his petty cash of 25m and go shopping in the lower leagues… We’re lead to believe he’s shopping with the big boys now, well he’s still to learn how much one of the best players in the world will change hands for… Start the bidding at 40m or go and try to by Benteke…. Welcome to the real world Arsene

  • Goonerton

    Do they know about winning a Premiership Title in your “real world?”. Just asking because Wenger has won x2 of them before or do you spout crap about things you know nothing about?

  • Sperminator

    Journalist these days keep pulling stories out of their asses…Suarez going to Arsenal!? And for only 25m!? Are you retarded?? SUAREZ IS WORTH AT LEAST 50M. And even if he had to go he would not go to another premier league club you f*ggot. He does not like the british press! Also LFC are not stupid enough to strengthen one of their rivals for top4. What kind of cr#p is that? Think before writing you idiot…

  • Tom

    Nice one…I did not see this coming! How about this one for your next article: “Suarez going to ManUtd on loan for 1year, with LFC paying 99% of his wages.”