Spurs offer Assou-Ekotto, Parker, Livermore or Huddlestone to land Christian Benteke

Posted by - July 12, 2013 - Aston Villa, Tottenham, Transfer News and Gossip

Tottenham will offer Aston Villa a choice of Benoit Assou-Ekotto, Scott Parker, Jake Livermore or Tom Huddlestone, plus cash, as they battle for Christian Benteke.

Spurs are aiming to take the initiative in the race for the young Belgian striker by dangling one or more proven Premier League player in exchange, according to reports in The Sun.

However, Villa want £25m for the 22-year-old and are believed to prefer a cash-only deal, while Spurs value him at £20m and want to use their fringe players as makeweights in the transfer.

White Hart Lane is believed to be Benteke’s preferred destination, although a host of other Premier League clubs – most notably Chelsea – are interested in the former Genk man. He has not travelled to Villa’s pre-season training camp in Germany.

Even if the part-exchange deal fails, all four Spurs players are likely to be sold before the start of the new season.

  • ARW

    As a Villa fan I think Huddlestone would be an excellent signing as we already have CDM cover and he has injury problems he needs to work out. Too late for Parker, and high wages, Assou is not a good player any more but Livermore might be an option.

    We don’t need any of these players, £10m plus Defoe and Huddlestone and I think we’d have a deal.

  • t reez

    All shit. Give sigurdson and 17mil.

  • dross

    How do you know?

  • The Gen

    Sorry I say we want to compete, if your dross isn’t good enough for you then it isn’t good enough for us. We have never valued Benteke at 25 million its 30 so I’m afraid its put up or shut up. That’s why you haven’t signed him after a week of speculation and that’s why Villa clearly made a press release the other day stating they wanted straight cash and no swap deals. Lerner will not be bullied and nor will he take on any more of your dross or assist you in developing your players. Once bitten twice shy, take your Jenas’s and Walkers and kindly shove off!!!!! And Mr Levy instead of stirring to try and push the deal down do the honourable thing and look else where, its funny how when the shoes on the other foot ala Bale!!!

  • Villa4life

    You tell them… W don’t need cast offs from the spuds. Besides where does this report come from.. They know jack!, speculating as they know spuds want to get rid of these players…. Made me laugh…. Ekotto for benteke……lmao

  • Gee Grant

    Problem with this,..from a Villa perspective is that Benteke has put in a transfer request and been left out of pre season. You may think he is £30 million and Spurs can bugger off BUT if the player wants to go it usually happens….so accept it and move on.

  • NoEllis82

    Problem with this is those four players aren’t better than what we have and/or don’t fit the young & hungry model Lambert is persuing. So it seems clear that Spurs aren’t really interested in Benteke if all they can do is offer fringe dross. How about Bale thrown in to the mix … Lambert and Randy might look at that I suppose … :)

  • Jacob Cox

    Problem with your argument is what can happen and at the moment you would prefer say 15 mil and defoe and another or a 20 mil and another deal from the list above. Why you are comparing the Bale transfer saga to Benteke doesn’t make sense. Bale didn’t turn in a transfer request and because of that we could control what happened but when Benteke wants out he can make it happen by making his value drop just go out and don’t play hard for villa don’t do enough to keep you all up and really lose. Lose top flight football lose out on what you can make off him and see if you would rather get more than enough. So Benteke go out turn in 7 goals and let Villa drop they will sale then.

  • Louis Doyle

    Benteke needs to look at former Villa players who left and see where they are now. Stay at Villa and become a legend. At Villa you will be part of a new era. Mr Lambert is building a new dynasty and can only do that if we all work together. How do you think Man Utd became so good. Loyalty to your team mates and loyalty to the fans is a must. Your agent is working for himself – not you. Stay where you are mate and be part of the Villa Magic that is coming.

  • Peter

    Are Spurs a Selling club & not interested in the Europe? YES. Modric and VDV last year, possible Bale this year, Also, the players slip off the back pages and into the rest of their private lives news, until they are forgotten to yesterdays news.