Thai Liverpool fans’ shocking ‘Munich 58’ banner aimed at Man Utd

Posted by - July 29, 2013 - Asia, Liverpool, Manchester United

Liverpool fans watching yesterday’s friendly against Thailand were pictured with this nasty (and nonsensical) banner.

The Thai Reds displayed a banner reading: “Alex Ferguson Out Working Go To The Hell (Munich, 58).”

The message is, of course, in reference to the Munich Air Disaster of 1958, which killed 23 members of Manchester United’s travelling party returning from a European Cup match in Belgrade.

There was a strong reaction from Liverpool fans online, the vast majority of whom were quick to distance themselves and the club from the banner.

  • steve

    as a pool fan have to say that this does not represent the true fans in the uk, words fail me at the moment and cant believe this type of behaviour is going on its shocking and upsetting

  • Chico

    I am a Liverpool fan and I don’t agree with this kind of behaviour, we are a respectful club and not barbarians, I am not impress

  • T

    Liverpool fans…lovely people…

  • Lee ESulaiman

    MU fans ‘s a rowdy bunch over there, to the extend getting into brawls and sometimes gunfights between Chelsea, M.C., Liverpool, Arsenal supporters.
    I disagree with the wordings, it’s a shame such low grade humans, these are subhumans, not humans.

  • Phil

    As a united fan who loves the banter, I’m touched by the amount of LFC fans who have said this is wrong or disgraceful etc. it’s impressive to see the change between the two clubs and sets of fans. Yes there will alwYs be a minority who spoil it for others but on a whole.

  • Nath

    Not all liverpool fans are like this. Embarrassing to see these minority fans supporting liverpool.

  • ThaiMythbuster

    Welcome to Thailand, were Hitler is seen as a superhero. Bet you that the makers of the banner still don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

  • Daniel

    Disgraceful. As a United fan, I know despite the rivalry that these aren’t real Liverpool fans. Regardless of my allegiances Liverpool fans have always been passionate about their club and their history, much like United fans are about United. We all know that these images aren’t from true Liverpool fans.

  • grampytj

    There is no way any TRUE Liverpool fan, or any true fan of Football would condone that kind of trash. The muppets with that sign ought to be rounded up and banned from any football matches for life

  • greg

    total disgrace
    name and shame, they are not true supporters that respect our club
    as much as I despise Utd, I have upmost respect for Fergie and there achievement

  • Dáithí Ó Braonáin

    I’m an Irish lifelong Liverpool fan, I find this offensive and disturbing. It is unfortunate that such a small minority who obviously have no understanding of the ethos and values held by Liverpool Football Club can misrepresent the club in this way. That anybody can allow themselves to be seen in public holding such a vile message is disturbing and in no way representative of LFC and its many fans. YNWA

  • okon

    this is total madness. it hasn’t come to this

  • setya

    your comment it’s just as bad as the banner, it’s unfortunate that this happened, but you can see/read most of LFC fans who have said this is wrong or disgraceful etc. there was a lad in manchester with “YSB 96 not enough” MU jersey. and I bet most of MU fans would find that wrong or disgraceful.there are always be some minority muppets in every football club. so please,.. let’s end it there.

  • dan

    Typical Thais…they are the most easliy brain washed people on the planet. Make something popular through advertising and the masses will follow – football teams included. They dont know or understand their own history, let alone that of others. Another poster has already given the example of Adolf Hitler,who the Thais think is part of the Avengers. I live here in Bangkok, where most so-called Liverpool fans think they are still are top BPL club. Surely those as part of LFC on tour saw this banner and should have insisted it be taken down. Man U fans have every right to be irate.