The Sun use Tito Vilanova’s cancer to create a Cesc Fabregas to Manchester United story

Posted by - July 20, 2013 - Manchester United, Ranting and Raving, Spain

It clearly isn’t the most shameful thing that the Sun newspaper has ever done, but their take on the news that Barcelona manager Tito Vilanova has been forced to resign after a relapse in his battle with cancer is still pretty hideous.

Rather than showing their support for a man clearly facing a battle for his life, the Sun chose to run the story as ‘Manchester United move for Cesc Fabregas looks more likely’.

More shameful still was their description of Vilanova’s situation. Is it really acceptable to use the caption ‘Tata Tito’ underneath their image? Or to use the ‘pun’ Villan-over? This is a man battling cancer for f*cks sake.

Completely disgusting.

  • will

    The sun not for the first time is a disgrace to the country and should be shut down

  • Savs

    Disgraceful. They should be sued and shut down. Anybody buying the sun should have a long, hard look at themselves.

  • Maajid

    The best selling newspaper in England. A complete and utter joke.

  • rvp

    Not seen the story itself, but i knew itd happen. Just a surprise it wasnt the Daily Mail

  • stevemac9

    off the post use Villanova’s cancer to have a go at the Sun
    just as bad

  • RedScot

    Do you think Steve we must start a campaign to close Off the Post down?

    I do it’s the most hideous site for sharing jocular trivia football.

    I propose to setup a site, along with Who Ate All the Pies ( the fat barstewards ) and a and nother to close the cants down!

    You know it makes sense, in a wind – up capacity.

    Shame about Villanovas deadfull illness.

    At this time I guess we all pull together as a football family, and wish him, early treatment and hope his throat goes into remission.

    It sorta puts lame brain signing’s into context.