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Video: Builder hides Portsmouth shirt inside Southampton’s training ground

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  • POMPEY and proud!

    poor scummers, my heart is bleeding for them..

  • POMPEY and proud!

    should just bury southampton, filthy end of the m27

  • Jon Wayward

    Q.What is the definition of a well balanced skate.A. a chip on both shoulders. WTFILN

  • Matt

    Saw this a couple of days ago. Do it t but to post it to show the exact location to the world in a flimsy wall… and to show who did it too… They are sooo clever 🙂

  • Craig

    Typical skate get a life. Just mad cos ur in league 2 n there’s no comin back for you. COYR saint 4 life. Dirty skates.

  • Junners

    That’s the closest you’ll get to seeing a Pompey kit in the Premier League!

    Lots of people will be angry about this, but I don’t hate Pompey… Pompey make me laugh!

  • Joe

    No, they were not self-employed and they were not paid but they were stupid and they are now unemployed . ‘The two employees were dismissed by their employer, and the shirt and scarf were immediately removed.’The poor worzels must have been desperate for money to help build a training ground for rivals they are so envious of.