Video: David Villa takes thinly veiled swipe at Spurs

Posted by - July 16, 2013 - Football videos, Spain, Tottenham

Spain international David Villa has been unveiled as an Atletico Madrid player – and the former Barcelona striker took the opportunity to knock his Premier League suitors.

Villa was widely expected to sign for Spurs but made a surprise move to Atletico instead. Some Spurs fans were critical of chairman Daniel Levy’s negotiating skills at the time and that’s not likely to change following Villa’s latest comments.

He said: “It is true the idea was for me to go to the English Premier League because the biggest offers came from there, but then Atletico de Madrid showed up and they did more in three days than others did in months, which in this case was something more personal.

“Professionally, everything is beyond doubt. The fact is: Atletico de Madrid finished third in La Liga, they were fighting against Real Madrid until the last minute, they won the Copa del Rey and they will play in the Champions League.”

Plenty of ammunition there for Spurs fans who feel that Levy’s tough and protracted transfer negotiations cost the club too many signings.

  • Ron

    Why is that ammunition? He went to a club in Spain who are in the CL – why is that Levy’s fault?

    If what you’re suggesting is that we should instantly bend over backwards and pay whatever anyone’s asking then you have no idea how to run a company

  • offthepost

    He specifically says that the biggest offers came from England and that it was the personal touch that was lacking. How does that require bending over backwards and paying more?

  • porra

    Ron – you summed up exactly why majority of us are sick of Levy as WE ARE NOT SELLING PRODUCTS WE ARE PLAYING FOOTBALL AND ARE A FOOTBALL CLUB. He needs to stop running us like a company and start running us as a football club. You can still run a tight ship as a football club but he needs to remember that we are short in certain areas and need to strengthen in these areas. I for one was not too keen on getting Villa as I think he would have been a risk but too many times we end up negotiating for weeks and weeks only to lose out in the end. Levy needs to identify the targets we need and wrap them up as I dont believe we need to be negotiating for months to land our targets.

  • Dave

    This “article” is a typical and desperate attempt to get clicks, nothing more. Way to go Rob Parker, anyone could write this drivel.

  • jimbob

    gosh what a terrible swipe you hack failed writer loser.

  • k dorman

    rob parker you are a mug, typical sensationalist bullshit journalism.

  • Paul

    It is my belief that the ‘thinly veiled swipe’ is from this so called journo Rob Parker. A lot of other more reputable sources translate Villa’s comments to be –

    “We had a move to the Premier in mind but then Atleti appeared and within three days all my personal terms had been agreed.

    “From a career point of view, they weren’t lacking anything. They finished third and will play in the Champions League. They beat Real Madrid to win the Copa del Rey.

    “Starting from today, the best club in the world for me is Atletico Madrid.”

    I fail to see any swipe aimed at Tottenham or their chairman.

    If you cannot write anything intelligent and insightful at least report the facts. Journalism/Reporting has really gone down the toilet in the last ten years. SIGH

  • Ron

    ….all of which is delightful, and yet I bet your the first person to complain when we’re not splashing the cash on new players.

    You can’t have it both ways. We need to make money, or we’ll fall behind. End of story.

  • porra

    Yeah cause thats what we are known for … splashing the cash??? We want to be known as top 4 but dibble and dabble when it comes to signing the correct players. We need 3 players at most to be a complete squad to challenge and maintain top 4 and this would be a combined total of £29 million so where is that splashing the cash for a top 4 premier league side? As I said you can still run a tight ship and sign what you need. If you go back to what I have a problem with its identifying targets and how long we are taking to sign them up not making money. We have been trying to sign Damaio for 3 seasons and that is around £15 million and stillnowhere near it. Are you telling me that we are not able to spend £15 million on a striker? As for making money I am fully aware that we need to build a bigger stadium so need to watch the pennies but we bought £60 million worth of players last year and sold £65 million and over the last few seasons we have made profits with player sales and champions league money as well so dont understand your point as we dont seem to actually be spending as much as we are selling so therefore we are making money???

  • Porra

    What about this scenario.


    Assou ekotto 3 million

    Dempsey 7 million

    Adebayor 5 million

    Huddlestone 5 million

    livermore 5 million

    Parker 4 million

    Gomez 3 million

    Total £27 million


    Chadli 7 million

    Benteke 22 million

    Soldado 22 million

    Opare 5 million (probably only 3-4 million

    Total £56 million

    The difference is we end up spending £29 million
    only yet have 2 quality strikers, a cover at left or right wing and a fast and
    tidy left wing back. If AVB had £50 million to spend then surely he will have
    £33 million left of his budget and this scenario is a real possibility? Come on
    Levy get it done as that will set us up to really push for top 4 this season
    and only cost £29 million.