West Ham players have chosen unimaginative nickname for new signing Razvan Rat

Posted by - July 12, 2013 - Transfer News and Gossip, West Ham

To be honest, given that we are dealing with a load of footballers here, we should be pleased that a team mate having the word ‘rat’ in his name didn’t lead to a load of MEGABANTZ, but West Ham’s players have pushed their intellects to the very limits with their nickname for new signing Razvan Rat.

The name of choice is ‘Roland’, which is a children’s TV cultural reference that we’re not too sure that the Romanian will quite get but nevermind, it keeps the English players happy.

Doesn’t get close to One Size (Fitz Hall) or Chris (Kiki Musampa) does it?

  • claudiu florea

    Daniel, Razvan Rat is Romanian, no Ukrainian, even though he played for an Ukrainian team and he is married to an Ukrainian girl.