Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho opens up on his tactics for the season

Posted by - August 21, 2013 - Chelsea

The likes of Oscar, Eden Hazard and Andre Schurrle can expect to do plenty of running this season.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has been talking fairly candidly about his tactical plans for the season ahead – and it involves a trio of attacking midfielders working very hard as the first line of defence.

The Blues boss has inherited considerable riches when it comes to players he can deploy behind a lone striker. And it sounds like he’s planning to get his money’s worth from all of them.

The three attacking midfielders will be used to press the ball when the opposition have possession. Mourinho explained that the plan didn’t work as well as expected in the second-half of Sunday’s win over Hull because all three of his attacking midfielders had played an international match in midweek.

He told the club’s official website: “Those are positions not the same as in defence when you can rest and stay.

“Those are positions where you are always in action, and we were trying to also press the ball and those three players dipped down.

“We didn’t play that way intentionally because at half-time we spoke about trying to start the second half the same direction and kill the game. We couldn’t and credit too to Hull because they adapted the game in a different way.

“Because the score was 2-0 I didn’t want to change immediately but you could see when I put Schurrle and Lukaku on, the team gave a little push that made a difference to that second half.

“But we have to try because it is a style of play very adapted to the qualities of our players, not to three of them but to six because we play with three but we have Moses and Mata and Schurrle for the same positions, so even with a busy schedule we can use rotation and keep this same profile of players.

“It is a style of play that people like, so if we can add that quality of game with the ambition of getting points it is good.

“I believe the team will be able to play that way for longer and longer but it is not just about intensity, I need my team to improve other aspects of their game.”

We suppose running them all into the ground is one way of overcoming the selection headache Chelsea have when it comes to attacking midfielders.