Former Tottenham midfielder Tom Huddlestone hits out at Andre Villas Boas

Posted by - August 16, 2013 - Hull City, Tottenham

Tom Huddlestone has criticised Spurs boss Andre Villas Boas for not giving the club’s young English players a chance.

The England international was sold to Hull earlier this week, with fellow Spurs midfielder Jake Livermore moving to the KC Stadium on loan.

Now Huddlestone has spoken out against Villas Boas’ selection policies and particularly his refusal to show his faith in him and other English players.

The 26-year-old told the Daily Mirror: “No, I didn’t feel I got a fair crack of the whip.

“I’d play some games and the results were good and my personal performances were good, and then I’d find myself out of the team for six or seven weeks without any explanation.

“That’s disappointing. I’m not one of those players who goes and knocks on the manager’s door every Monday morning if I’m not playing.

“I just get my head down, graft hard during the week and try and get in the team at the weekend.

“I didn’t speak to him this pre-season. I just knew the club’s feelings that they were happy for me to go if the right bid came in.”

Huddlestone reeled off a list of how he thinks the club’s policy of not giving their English players a chance will make life more difficult in the long run.

He continued: “The first few years I was there, the philosophy and policy were to buy young British players, such as myself, Aaron Lennon, Gareth Bale, Michael Dawson, Jermaine Jenas, and players like that.

“Now Steve Caulker has gone [sold to Cardiff], they’ve let me go, Jake has left and it has gone the opposite way – buying more established international players. I’m not sure if it is good for the club.

“It will be difficult. They’ve let a few players go who were used to the Premier League week in, week out. Bringing players in from abroad, as we’ve seen in the past, can take them a while to settle.

“You could see it happening last season. David Bentley left, Jermaine Jenas left and they were ready to accept a bid [from QPR] for Michael Dawson.”

Sour grapes or has he got a point, Spurs fans?

  • Jimmy Sidewinder

    you had 10n million chances at Spurs…..youre a lazy fat cunt.

  • Spud

    Lets face it Huddlstone never amounted to the potential everyone thought he had he has reached his level which is a mid table team. Jeans was another one loads of potential but fell short. I think Huddlestone thought he could ride the gravy train but AVB wants more, Lets see how much AVB was holding him back now he’s at a new club we can see him shine.

  • BigDen

    Shame, Tom. I think the club gave you every chance but you slowed so much after long, paid, injuries that you were not good enough. The haircut when Ibscore stuff became embarrassing, didn’t it.
    Jenna’s, Bentley, Livermore and yourself are currently world class, Tom?
    Good luck to all of you and say thank you for the chances and wages frommHarry and AVB.

  • wasted

    What a billshit aricle completely out of context and that is not what he said at all. You’re a prick to repeat it Rob Parker, poor excuse for a ‘journalist’.

  • Bob

    I liked Tom, I must admit. But after these shameful comments I’ve lost my respect for him. He was given the chance but he only performed well when he has little time left, he cannot last a full 90 minutes, and that is standard for PL players.

    Also, buying and keeping British talents are great image for the club, but most of the players you mentioned are poor compare to the ones we brought in, and have now.

    You’re 26, and your potentials to be world class is almost 0. Picking the likes of paulinnho, Dembele, holtby or sandro is far better choice than you, and they’re imports too.

    Dawson, Lennon, Walker, Townsend, Carroll, Kane, Parker, Naughton are still more than other clubs, in terms of quality and quantity.

  • Charles

    Sour grapes.Managers have been giving the clubs young English players a chance for years and what have we won???It is sad but it is only the clubs that are prepared to spend big that win trophys

  • Skilling

    Glad to see the back of him. Our baddest run last year was when he played the most. Not a coincident. Not a very good player and frankly was overrated by the fans.

  • Carlos

    Huddlestone has had many chances throughout his stay with different managers and none of them have really but thier faith in him. I think he has something but he just needs livening up. He appears to just slow everything down when he has the ball but has fantastic passing ability.
    AVB sees his workrate which does not complement the team and he would struggle to get playing time this year with the new signings who are grafters and solid team players.
    He has a point with the English talent as there is definately a shift in policy. But the arguement here is has the club improved giving young English talent the opportunity, I think not.
    The club has made a bold mark this year with obtaining the talents of good established international players and that can only be good for the club as these guys should be able to play in any country.
    I am a bit disapointed to see Caulker go, same as Parker who is a warrior but he better days are behind him and Livermore who I feel did very well when involved
    The club is no worse off without the likes of the Bentleys and Jenes`s and this year will be a good year to be a Spurs supporter.
    Lts see what ratings Hudd gets at Hull and am convinced Livermore have a greater impact

  • Lumpy Spurcat

    Tom you just haven’t achieved your potential, agreed you have had more than your fair share of injuries, but to say AVB didn’t give you a chance quite frankly is insulting, as for Livermore he is another who promised a lot but hasn’t improved and quite honestly I and many more Spurs fans don’t think he has the wherewithal to make it, certainly at Spurs, I for one wish you both well, but Tom you don’t endear yourself to Spurs by hanging out your dirty washing in public!!!

  • Dave Collins

    I can understand how Huddlestone feels but with all his passing skills he was not mobile enough for Tottenham, and in truth his fitness levels left a lot to be desired unfortunately he had very little pace and that was the main reason he did not play as much as he would have liked For Spurs, so it is understandable that he should move on

  • AlphaT

    Rightly so, and well said! If everyone can remember that AVB clearly said he will give everyone a chance to impress the year’s over now it’s obvious you didn’t impress when given your chance (& you had a few even with your injury). So hard to say it but AVB had an agenda was backed by DL to assess what we had, clear the dead weight and bring in his desired players to create a squad with the talent that we already do have, if you’re honest with yourself [Hudd] you have been pedestrian for along while and your barnet has the evidence to prove it!

  • shamrock coy

    not given enough chances at spurs tom? what clubs showed interest in you?
    but you reckon your good enough for Tottenham hotspur?

  • officer dibble

    Slow brain. End of story.

  • Steve

    Goodbye Tom Hundredstone

  • j

    Tom ate all the pies……good game against MCity tho….least you did something in eight years.

  • David

    All the players he mentions, himself included, were given hundreds of chances. They are useless and the reason we have blown CL 2 or 3 times

  • Tresher

    well what do you expect if you dont win anything just to carry on regardless? Its a result driven business-win something or expect changes like getting sacked-