Gareth Bale signs for Real Madrid… fan

Posted by - August 15, 2013 - Spain, Tottenham, Transfer News and Gossip

Spurs star Gareth Bale has put pen-to-paper on a Real Madrid fan’s autograph book.

In a probably poorly timed autograph session, the 24-year-old gave his signature to a Real fan who had followed him during his international duty with Wales.

Obviously it’s an innocent gesture to make a fan’s day, and something he would probably have done for a supporter wearing any team’s shirt, but it does make for a bit of an awkward photo given the ongoing transfer saga.

  • dorian

    What an absolute twat you must be. Bog off.

  • Paul

    do you really have no better stories to tell? next it will be ‘Bale buys socks same colour as Real Madrid’s third kit’. Ridiculous.


    Please go buy your Real madrid shirt with BALE 11 on the back. You will be crying in shame when they do NOT give you a refund. Hahahahahaha.

  • DannyYiddoShevlin

    Would love to know EXACTLY what’s going through his mind whilst he’s taking the pen and clocking the Real Madrid badge on the little Spic’s shirt!!

  • Cabos

    Bale looks like he is looking at it and thinking, omfg what next. Will these retards just get over it.

    When people genuinely smile they also smile with their eyes. Bale looks like he is frowning more than smiling (with his eyes).

    The little spod looks happy with himself, the smirk on his face looks like he has pulled the wool over Bales eyes and got him to sign it before realizing he has the RM shirt on.

  • DannyYiddoShevlin