Liverpool get opposition fans to do their scouting for them, Aston Villa fan obliges

Posted by - August 23, 2013 - Aston Villa, Liverpool


Liverpool have come up with a cost-effective new way of scouting opposition teams: simply ask an opposing fan to provide tips on stopping their star player.

That’s exactly what the Reds have done ahead of the match against Aston Villa. And Villa fan James Laishley has, perhaps surprisingly, offered up his thoughts on thwarting striker Christian Benteke.

In an interview with Liverpool’s official website, Laishley also pointed out weak links in the Villa team and picked up other threats of which the Reds need to be wary.

The interview reads:

Best way to stop Benteke?

Arsenal and Chelsea couldn’t come up with an answer to that question and I’m not sure I can! He’s strong, fast and a great finisher. He can play, so although he doesn’t rely on Weimann and Agbonlahor, cutting off the supply to him would make a big impact.

Aside from him, who else should we worry about?

Weimann has been a great partner to Benteke over the past 12 months and the two complement each other well. Also Lowton and Luna are modern wing-backs and have created problems for opposing teams.

Weak links in the Villa side?

The midfield isn’t the finished article yet and Lambert will keep switching them until he’s happy. Delph has got better but is yet to score in the Premier League and Westwood is looking like a player for the future, but it seems to be Villa’s weakest area at the moment.

Would you give an opposition team a scouting report on your club?

  • si

    With all respect to this article and the light it may shed on professional football tactics, it is an obvious answer and something that wont work entirely for the 90 minutes. Benteke has converted more chances from having less possession and doing less inter change play than any other striker. He converts more chances with less opportunity to score. 1 chance and benteke can score, whether a half chance or open goal or long range opportunity, his conversion rate is far superior. liverpool are well aware of how villa might attack them and counter attack them. To say “stop his supply” is only 1 element of a long list of tactical measures liverpool will have to work for to stop villa getting into scoring positions. Benteke is not the only scoring threat villa rely on. People forget that villa have other players that get chances in front of goal, and dont see past the name on the score sheet the past two opening games. The entire team is a threat and each liverpool player poses an equal threat in return.