Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler suggests Theo Walcott swap deal with Arsenal for Luis Suarez

Posted by - August 7, 2013 - Arsenal, Liverpool, Transfer News and Gossip, Twitter

Having proved he’s now carrying a few too many pounds to lead the line for them during Steven Gerrard’s testimonal, former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler has been pondering other possible resolutions to the Luis Suarez situation.

And he reckons the Reds should take £30m plus Theo Walcott for the wantaway striker.

Posting on Twitter, he wrote: “Had a little think… If he’s desperate to go and they desperately want him.. How about 30/35 mill plus Walcott.”

The proposed deal clearly irked Liverpool fans. After a heap of replies from incredulous Reds not convinced that Walcott is the answer to their problems, Fowler joked that all the fans asking him what he was smoking should stop stealing owner John W. Henry’s gags!

Henry infamously wanted to know what Arsenal were smoking after their first Suarez bid.

Perhaps more surprisingly, Fowler seems to have also annoyed Arsenal fans who think this a bad deal for them. So, it seems to be a universally hated proposal that Robbie has come up with.

  • Demostines

    Jog on Fowler! Theo has a brain, you appear to have forgotten this XD <3 Theooooo! COYG!!!

  • Anthony Cowan

    Robbie’s advice is not that bad ,. 35m and Walcott who supports the club, i would take it.

  • disgustedred

    Another loon fell out of the tree.

  • Demostines

    Change the record mate all we have heard is name calling from Liverpool 😀 Looks like your Board/manager have lost control of this whole transfer. The truth is out there and it’s gonna shaft Rodgers XD COYG!!!

  • Guest

    I’m a massive gooner, and a big fan of Theo, but a brain is something he hasn’t got. He seems like a nice lad, but a bit dim.. Should call him Tim Walcott really.

  • Bif

    Sounds good to me!

  • Dr Who

    I think £39,999,999.99 + Bentner sounds fair

  • gwhizz

    I’d be careful of swallowing Suarez’s line in this latest outpouring….this is him in January 2013, in an interview with the Daily Mail:

    ‘But I want to say now that, if you want to know what will happen to me if we don’t qualify for the Champions League, then I will say this: I have a contract with Liverpool and I am very happy here. I will stay.’

    .A very odd commitment from LS given his alleged agreement with BR? Mind you the claimed verbal agreement is also very odd given LFC where nowhere near being able to challenge for the CL a year ago and FSG had publicly stated they did not expect top four last season. So according to LS they discussed something widely accepted as not possible? Not that LS is now trying to clutch at any piece of paja to justify his change of stance…now where’s that terrible British media when you want them?

  • Demostines

    lol, my bad poor example. <3 you Theo! COYG!!!

  • Demostines

    If it turns out Suarez is Lying he lacks class, if BR lied he lacks class. How do AFC loose in this?

  • gwhizz

    Wasn’t saying AFC would lose… just that the truth in this one isn’t as clear as you previously made out.

  • rizalb12 b

    What make Fowler think that Theo want to play for the Red and play in UEFA cup (btw do Liverpool qualify to play in the UEFA cup this year? – I am too lazy to google it.

  • Daniel

    You must be mad. Walcott will be world classics few years times, Walcott podolski and Suarez will make arsenal a great strike force next season. Giroud for cover isn’t that bad either he still has time to prove him self he didn’t at all that bad last season despite all the criticism many people have him.

  • Daniel

    Sorry for the bad grammar bloody spell checker on iPhone 😀