Liverpool’s official Twitter account endorses offensive Munich tweet aimed at Man Utd fans

Posted by - August 30, 2013 - Liverpool, Manchester United, Twitter

Liverpool’s official Twitter account made a massive balls-up last night when it appeared to support comments mocking the Munich Air Disaster.

The Reds’ account had asked Twitter followers to submit a three-song playlist to be heard at Anfield ahead of kick-off for Sunday’s clash with United.

Supporter Josh Mitchy submitted a distasteful playlist featuring songs targeting Munich.

He wrote: “Come fly with me-Frank Sinatra. Always look on the bright side of life-Eric Idle. I like to move it-Reel to Real.”

Liverpool supporters have been known to chant “Always look on the runway for ice” to the tune of the Eric Idle song and have adapted I Like To Move It to become “I like to Munich”.

The Frank Sinatra tune is simply a reference to planes.

Football fan makes idiotic comment? No news there… until the official Liverpool account, @LFC, responded to Mitchy.

They wrote: “Have you been sneaking a look at the dressing room Ipod?”

The tweet was soon deleted but it had already been seen – and screengrabbed – by far too many people by that stage.

The club has been working hard to improve its reputation for bumbling PR, but this has probably put them back to square one.

  • Lee

    This has clearly been a horrible error from the LFC team, it’s very harsh (and incorrect IMO ) saying they have endorsed it.

    Its idiots like the initial poster that need dealing with.

  • Dave

    Obviously the person handling the twitter account was unaware of the references of the songs otherwise its career suicide.
    I can understand Utd fans being sceptical about this, but its hardly in Liverpools interest to endorse these comments.
    All headlines and articles like this does in create further tension between the fans, irresponsible ‘journalism’ really. Maybe a balanced opinion might be more appropriate.
    After all, it was an idiot fan (both teams have them) that posted the inital tweet, shouldn’t the focus be on him?

  • Sometimesalways

    Lee, I disagree. Whilst there are moronic fans (of both lfc and United) who sing offensive chants and tweet stupid tweets, although it is sad and annoying, it would be something that most would just ignore and move on. Especially as the vast majority of both sets of fans are decent human beings and would certainly not support such things. However, when the official lfc twitter joins in and effectively endorses it that is a whole different thing. It is not the first time that the lfc account has disgraced themselves either

  • Sometimesalways

    No, as I said to Lee, the small percentage of idiot fans you can expect, unfortunately, the official lfc twitter endorsing the tweet is by far the main issue here. And don’t give me ‘they were unaware of the references of the songs’. Everyone knows what those songs referred to,

  • Browny

    Refreshing comments by the others. Clearly someone in the Lfc office thinking his suggestions were just for dodgy old music and joking along with him, not Liverpool endorsing any form of abuse.
    Many young fans wouldn’t be aware of the crash and idiotic comments that have previously been made, so writing an article on this to cause trouble only helps to encourage more idiots and rivalry.

  • Dave

    Think about who would be on the official twitter account, its hardly going to be an experienced corporate head. Its most likely a guy or girl in there early 20s. It would be totally conceivable for someone to miss or be unaware of the referecence.
    But of course if you are right, the person will be sacked no question. but the fact that Liverpool deleted the tweet would obviously suggest that they were not endorsing it.

  • marko

    You are suggesting that the official LFC account knew that the song suggestions were aimed at making fun of the munich disaster and decided to publicly join in with the mockery.Just think about how ridiculous that is. Use common sense here.

  • Grow up you pricks

    desperate, despaerate and despaerate. get a fucking grip boys and girls. the litle prat who thought he ws being hilarious, cons lfc twiter. well done, now fuck off. lazy story writers.

  • Sometimesalways

    Well that’s one interpretation but I think you know, in your heart of hearts, that the official lfc twitter knew full well what the songs referred to, and only deleted after realising the shit storm that would follow. Look, as I’ve said above, most fans of both sides are decent human beings and do not get involved in this stupidity, but the official lfc twitter guy has really been very stupid here, very stupid.

  • Sometimesalways

    That’s exactly what I’m suggesting, because that’s exactly what has happened.

  • Roasty_mufc

    bollocks Dave. how can anyone connected to either club not know what these songs mean??
    and to call it irresponsible journalism is a joke- should this just be sweeped under the carpet?
    if the boot was on the other foot there would be an uproar.
    big mistake by LFC’s twitter twat.

  • Roasty_mufc

    has it not?

  • Alastair

    Of course they new what they were about. Anyone involved wtih either club would be fully aware or a moron.

  • Dave

    Come on Roasty, considering LFC’s recent PR diasters it entirely possible that the person on the twitter account did not recognise the reference.
    I did not say it should be swept under the carpet, but it should not be sensationalised either, the tone(and headline) of this article is that Liverpool endorsed the tweet, which is not true given that they deleted it, and this is one of the less aggressive articles i’ve seen.
    I can underdatnd were you are coming from but to beleive that LFC as a club hold this stance is going a bit far, therefore its logical that it was a mistake.